Fishing with ConnorWelcome to the NW Youth Fishing Academy

Fishing has been called a sport, hobby, skill, and activity. A sport you can do alone, or with others. A hobby that accepts all and denies no one. A tranquil environment that easily calms; but also entertains and fulfills even the most experienced anglers. A place without school stresses, peer pressure, social media or technology. A peaceful, natural setting that is therapy for any person looking to get away from it all or pick up a new skill. Our goal at NW Youth Fishing Academy is to provide our youth, 12+ years of age, with experiences to match their needs. Come join us today. Try out a new sport or re-visit an old hobby with Connor, our experienced guide.

For the Beginner Youth Angler Experience

At NW Youth Fishing Academy, we want everyone to experience the fun of fishing. We know that just one great fishing experience is enough to hook a youth angler to the sport for life. We strive to provide patient guidance and seasoned quick tips to help each angler learn the basics of fishing in a youth-friendly environment. We also teach our youth anglers environmental conservation and how to model good fishing behaviors, experience and knowledge to last a lifetime! So, come join us for a day of fishing fun!

For the Overall Angler Experience

Whether you are just learning the sport, or a skilled fisherman we have the right guide for you. We base our session on your level of experience and skill level. Connor has over 15 years fishing experience and knows the Washington waters and techniques very well. If you are looking for a big catch, or just trying to get away, give us a call and you won't be disappointed.